Conference Paper: Dr. Kate Helsen and Dr. Inga Behrendt with contributions by Dr. Jennifer Bain, “The Optical Neume Recognition Project: Digital Methods for Medieval Music Manuscripts Analysis”, International Winterschool Digital Musicology – Digitalisierung in der Musikwissenschaft, (November, 2016)

In the news: Dr. Kate Helsen gave an interview about the project to Bob Steele on CBC radio 1’s “Afternoon Drive” (May 24, 2016)

Conference Paper: Dr. Jennifer Bain, Dr. Inga Behrendt, Dr. Kate Helsen with contributions by Dr. Andrew Hankinson and Dr. Ichiro Fujinaga, “Hartker’s XML: The Optical Neume Recognition Project and MEI”, Music Encoding Conference at McGill University (May 2016)

Conference ‘Lightning’ Paper: Dr. Kate Helsen gave a talk on ONRP with contributions by Dr. Inga Behrendt and Dr. Jennifer Bain at the Brussels Medieval-Renaissance Conference (July 2015)

Meeting: Paper and poster by Dr. Jennifer Bain and Dr. Inga Behrendt at the conference “Machines and Manuscripts 2015, 2nd International Workshop on Opportunities for the Automatic Pattern Recognition and Analysis of Historical Documents” at the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Institute for Data Processing and Electronics (February 2015)

TED-style Talk: Dr. Kate Helsen gave a talk on the ONRP at ‘Medieval Day’ at U.W.O. (November, 2014)

Meeting and Poster Session: Dr. Inga Behrendt presents a poster at the „Mitgliedertreffen der deutschsprachigen Sektion der Internationalen Gesellschaft für Studien des Gregorianischen Chorals (AISCGre)“ in Tettenweis, near Passau (October, 2014)

Research presentation: Dr. Barbara Swanson presents “Optical Neume Recognition: Teaching Computers to Think Like Medieval Singers” at the Dalhousie Postdoctoral Research Day (October, 2014). (Won second place in the People’s Choice Award!)

Poster Session: Dr. Kate Helsen presented a poster during the Don Wright Faculty  of Music, U.W.O. research showcase (September, 2014)

Meeting: Bain, Behrendt, Fujinaga, Helsen, Sexton, and Swanson meet with the development team at McGill University (September, 2014)

Conference Paper: Dr. Kate Helsen, “A New Way to See Neumes: The Optical Neume Recognition Project in Action” Cantus Planus, Venice (July, 2014)

Seminar: Alan Sexton, “The Optical Neume Recognition Project” at The Institute for Computing and Information Sciences (iCIS), Radboud University, Nijmegen (April, 2014)

In the news: Jennifer Bain gave a video interview on the Optical Neume Recognition Project by Global News and a radio interview on CBC Radio One’s Main Street  (March, 2014)

Lecture: Jennifer Bain presented “Medieval Musicology in a Digital World: The Optical Neume Recognition Project” for a SSHRC-sponsored event, Connecting Cultures: Imagining Canada’s Future, Dalhousie Univeristy, Halifax (March, 2014)

Poster Session: Dr. Kate Helsen presented a poster during the Big Data Days @ Western conference (March, 2014)

Conference Paper: Dr. Inga Behrendt, “Neumen und Neumentrennung – Herausforderungen in der Arbeit im Optical Neume Recognition Project (ONRP)”, Digitale Rekonstruktionen mittelalterlicher Bibliotheken, Universität Trier (January, 2013)

Poster Session: Dr. Inga Behrendt presented a poster during the Digital Humanities workshop Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium (September, 2012)

Funding Announcement: the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada announced funding for the Optical Neume Recognition project for two years, beginning in 2012.

Conference PaperDr. Kate Helsen, “The Optical Neume Recognition Project: First Steps” Cantus Planus Conference, Vienna (August, 2011)

Lecture: Dr. Inga Behrendt, Automatic Neume Recognition Program — Computergestützte Analyse der St. Galler Neumenotation (9.20 h) and Siebenmal am Tag singe ich dein Lob — Einführung in das mittelalterliche Stundengebet anhand des Codex ‘Hartker’ (19.30), Internationaler Sommerkurs Gregorianik 2011, Folkwang Universität der Künste, Essen (July 2011)

Conference Paper: Dr. Kate Helsen “Venite et Videte: the Optical Neume Recognition Project” 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University (May, 2011)

Poster Session: Dr. Kate Helsen, Digital Medievalist Poster Session at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University (May 2011)

Lecture: Dr. Inga Behrendt, Die älteste Notenschrift trifft auf modernste Technik: Vorstellung des „Automatic Neume Recognition Program” zur computergestützten Analyse der St. Galler Neumenotation, Vortrag im Musiksaal im Stiftsbezirk, St. Gallen (May, 2011)