• Our website, with more information concerning the characteristics of neumes and our approaches to the problems
  • The Single Interface for Music Score Searching and Analysis, a project with which ONR is affiliated, at McGill University
  • A selection of projects by the Distributed Digital Music Archives and Libraries Lab that combine image analysis on early musical notation with analytic data: the Search the Liber Usualis project; the Salzinnes Antiphoner analysis site, and the Optical Music Recognition for Plainchant project
  • The Music Encoding Initiative (MEI) that aims to create a semantically rich model for music notation, based on the XML family of standards, and can be modified to be applied to neumes.
  • E-codices a Swiss initiative that aims to provide access to all medieval and selected early modern manuscripts of Switzerland through an online library of freely accessible images, including those from our focal manuscript, Cod. Sang. 390/391. Currently this library offers access to over 1000 complete medieval sources.
  • The CANTUS Database and the Cantus Index, which contain indices for over 140 medieval musical manuscripts, complete chant texts, and links to comparative analysis tools and images.
  • Neumes, a project which aimed to create an XML Schema for the digital transcription of chant manuscripts that would allow for standardized reproductions of the musical signs on the page.
  • A digital critical edition of Hildegard of Bingen’s compositions, TueBingen, which also uses MEI as a standard encoding system.
  • The Académie de chant grégorien and the Répertoire grégorien sites provide useful sources of information concerning indices, biblical correspondences, chant text translations, and bibliographic hints, among other items.